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R&D - Innovation
R&D - Innovation

We develop innovative solutions, products and services focused on new digital skills and technologies.
We offer the best on demand and cloud based services to support the most diverse use cases in the Internet of Things.

Smart Lighting


Efficient and sustainable lighting systems.
We provide projects and devices to reduce fixed costs by optimizing zero-investment maintenance processes.

Secure communication Solutions


Hushmeeting is the solution developed to offer government agencies, organizations and companies the guarantee of being able to communicate in a protected environment, safe from any risk of interception.

Advanced Solutions for Communication Systems

Broadband on moving objects

Tailor-made Broadband Solutions and Systems for: Airborne COFDM Data Link Systems, ISR Mission Support Equipments, Law Enforcement, Military & Defense, Special Projects

Drone Protection

Advanced Anti-Drone Systems

Complete solution for protection against drones.
The system is composed of active and passive components for the detection, verification and neutralization of unauthorized drones.

Decision Support System

DSS Touch Tables

System that allows the aggregation of data and KPIs coming from several heterogeneous sub-systems within a server machine.
The consultation and control of the system (data, KPIs, alerts, video streams) takes place on a multi-touch monitor through simple gestures thanks to the NUI - Natural User Interface paradigm with which the interface was created.

IoT Platform


Metamorphosis is the advanced IoT platform developed by KeyBiz for digital transformation, based on modern technologies such as NoSql, containers, edge-to-cloud, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence. Metamorphosis allows companies and industries to: connect, manage and update all legacy and new generation devices and sensors.

Passive Sheltering

No energy consumption needed for air conditioning of shelters and cabinets, thanks to devices able to transfer to the outside, the heat produced inside the appliances, without energy consumption and maintenance-free with an increase in global reliability .
Considerable increase in overall reliability due to the absence of moving mechanical parts and pressurized fluids.


Cruzr is a humanoid service robot, designed to work in banks, shopping malls, and other similar contexts, in which it can perform a series of activities in place of one person.
Cruzr robot moves on wheels is able to recognize faces and to perceive the emotional state of his human interlocutor. It is equipped with localization and mapping systems that allow it to orientate itself in the environments and is capable of monitoring large areas (for example a shopping center) 24 hours a day.

Key Management

System to manage access in a flexible, centralized, secure and real-time mode. Through mechatronic and / or smart card cylinders it is possible to set, revoke and change the authorizations in real time and manage via the web the registry of the keys and the personal data and the automatic notifications.

Positive Technologies

Solutions for: Unified Application Security, Vulnerability Management, ERP Security, securing core telecom network, Security Compliance
Products for: Application Firewall, Application Inspector, Telecom Attack Discovery, IoT security

Vehicle Kemler

Camera-based automatic detection system for Kemler license plate codes installed on vehicles carrying dangerous goods.
The system automatically extracts the data from the image sent by the camera and obtains the level of danger of the goods, classifies the type and sends an alarm to the control dashboard with all the necessary information

Indoor Signal Detection

Indoor Navigation, Indoor Positioning, Indoor Analytics systems and services
and Indoor Tracking, based on Bluetooth beacons, wi-fi and Ultra-wideband (UWB).

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